• Luminaire Gin & Tonic
  • 2023
  • Packaging Design
  • Pitch Project
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About the project

The Luminaire brand story is birthed from the tale of a French botanist travelling Australia in 2018. Whilst on his travels he fell in love with the flora and Australian countryside and fusing his passion for gin, with his newfound infatuation of Australian botanicals, a new Gin & Tonic called Luminaire, was born.

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Design Challenges

The design process undertaken for Luminaire Gin & Tonic brand was a meticulous and collaborative endeavour. Creating a captivating design for a gin and tonic brand, involved overcoming various challenges to capture the essence of the product. First and foremost, the visual representation needed to convey the client’s desire to have an intricate French design, inspired by an opulent Art Deco aesthetic. A mix of organic and geometric elements were used to strike a delicate balance between detailed elegance and modernity. Various concepts and colourways were refined through multiple iterations, considering feedback from the client. The selected concept was then brought to life through digital rendering and prototyping, allowing for a more tangible representation of the final design for the client to pitch their product idea.

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