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About the project

Water & Word is a business that aims to serve customers with unique, inspiring and well-crafted designs and illustrations based on words from the Bible packaged in bite-sized and beautiful home decor products for everyday use. It’s signature product is their reusable scripture decals, that got branded as ‘surface tattoos’. These are waterproof and can be stuck in the shower or anywhere you have a flat, non-porous surface, hence the name Water & Word was born. To see more, visit:

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Design Challenges

This project involved all design touchpoints from inception to completion. From designing the logo, through to the actual product designs, posters, wall art, social media posts, Shopify storefront build and all accommodating graphics, point of sale, advertising animations and business cards to name a few of the deliverables. Initially the most challenging part was problem solving the surface tattoos as a product and getting those designed, printed and packaged into a beautiful decal item, ready for retail or online sales. These decals needed to be reusable and not leave any residue once removed and custom sleeves and backing cards needed to be sourced and produced. Furthermore, this was my first Shopify build, so there was a learning curve at the time, but the project ended up as a rewarding mission to be part of.

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