Face Up 2 Racism

  • SBS Campaign
  • 2017
  • Advertising
  • Campaign
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About the project

The SBS broadcasting campaign, Face Up to Racism, aimed to raise awareness about racism in Australian society through a week-long programming initiative. Specifically geared at generating a trending hashtag on Twitter, the campaign encouraged public engagement by triggering a live rollover counter each time #FU2RACISM was used on social media. The counter showcased the traction of the topic in various public locations via digital screens. Design work included outdoor billboards, bus stop advertising, online and web assets, broadcasting animations, posters, and a range of digital and print materials strategically placed across the greater Sydney area. This multi-channel approach maximized the visibility and impact of the campaign, fostering important conversations and promoting social change.

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Design Challenges

The FU2RACISM project faced several challenges throughout its execution. One of the primary challenges was addressing the sensitive and complex nature of the topic: racism. The 'FU' tag struck the delicate balance between grabbing attention, raising awareness and promoting constructive discussions online without alienating or offending any particular group. Design challenges ranged, particularly in executing the broad range of different formats the creative had to work in. From narrow online leaderboards, to portrait busbacks and 5 second MREC animations. A mostly graphic approach was taken with colours that would intantly grab attention as part of the campaign.

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  • • Web/Digital
  • • Outdoor
  • • Broadcast
  • • Animation
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