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About the project

Straya.Rocks was a complete branding exercise from concept to finished art. This project started off with the logo and corporate identity design and expanded right through to building the online Shopify storefront and merchandise designs for all the products. Every single aspect of this project was designed and built from a concept to finished product. To see more, visit:

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Design Challenges

Designing an Australian merchandise brand and its accompanying Shopify storefront, presented unique challenges. First off, the brief was for this brand to stand out from the outdated patriotic and typical Australian gift shops out there. It needed to be young, energetic and modern. Straya.Rocks needed to stand out from the crowd and still be uniquely Australian. We went with the neon version of the green and gold colour palette and juxtaposed a user-friendly storefront with a clean and simplified monotone backdrop. When it came to the individual merchandise designs, finding the right balance between showcasing Australian imagery, such as iconic landmarks, sayings and graphic elements, were crucial while keeping the production-ready assets simple for screen printing purposes.

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